mercoledì 4 luglio 2012

Herbal tea in villa Jorn

This week I’m carrying my works to the sea and I’m wondering why people live in a village.
..maybe they were born there and haven't moved
..maybe they found the perfect life balance
Well, there’s a place really evocative, the house of a famous Denmark’s painter: Asger Jorn.
I love his art and his villa but I always thought he was mad to moved from Denmark to a small
village on the Ligurian coastline!
But now that I’m here, perhaps, I’m slowly changing my mind, I think the real answer is that
they prefer village life to any alternative… do they have reasons?...well, we can always try.

Soundtrack: “ The Madcap Laughs”- Syd Barrett

2 commenti:

matilda ha detto...

bellissime creazioni e mi piace il nome (il concetto della Drogheria il posto dove si mescolano le essenze, cose miracolose che fanno bene ...) e poi il logo e perfetto!

la drogheria ha detto...

Grazie mille Matilda,
la scelta del nome non è stata semplice ed è stata dettata proprio da quel concetto!
Siamo contenti che tu abbia capito e apprezzato,

a presto!